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Phoenix Inventors

Tired of the ever increasing shipping, customs and tariff costs? Tired of dealing with other countries who don’t understand your needs?

It is time to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.A. Contact us for a free quote on your plastic injection or blow molding needs.

Our Services


Blow Molding

Blow Molding is used to make plastic bottles, containers and tubs.


Injection Molding

Injection molding is used to make any plastic product. The products made are normally functional. Like vehicle parts, toys, tools, bottle lids and boxes.


Mold Making

Molds are normally made of aluminum and provide the shape for hot plastic to be formed into. We have multiple CNC routers to make any mold you might need.



Whether you are looking to build a custom 4×4 trailer, a fishing tackle box, a medical device or anything made of metal or plastic we can help your idea become reality.

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What Makes Phoenix Inventors Different?

Personal Attention: Importing your products can often lead to long and expensive shipping times and mis-communication. Not to mention the risk of an overseas company knocking your product off and virtually disappearing.

At Phoenix Inventors you can contact us during normal business hours and work with the person who is engineering your project. You will also have the peace of mind that comes when working with a United States manufacturer who is ethical and protects your intellectual property.

Capabilities: Other manufacturers are often only able to supply you with one piece of the puzzle. They may provide bottle molding or injection molding, but then have to outsource your molds and engineering. This outsourcing leads to delays, increased cost and defects.

Phoenix Inventors has all of the necessary experience, machinery and people to take your project from start to finish, all within our Utah factory.


Completed Projects

Latest Projects


The SimpliFLY

Trevor invented the SimpliFLY as a solution to bulky, heavy and unorganized fly fishing packs. Phoenix Inventors helped engineer Trevor’s design, made multiple molds, produces the plastic parts and assembles the SimpliFLY.


Supplement Bottles

A local supplement manufacturer grew tired of paying to ship empty bottles from China and wanted to bring manufacturing closer to home. Phoenix Inventors custom built blow molds and now produces over 100k bottles and lids per month.


Clear Storage Totes

One of our customers approached us several years ago to build custom clear storage totes for the craft industry. We engineered and built the molds used to make ultra durable totes. Our customer now sells over 20,000 totes per month.

How to work with us?

We have limited availability and are only able to work with products and companies we believe in. Please take a minute to fill out our form to determine if we are a good fit for each other. If we feel confident in your project, then we will focus our hearts and years of engineering experience into turning your projects into reality.

Call For a Quote:

(435) 673-0777

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ to get a little more info about your next steps to get your project off the ground.

How long does it take to make a mold?

Tooling a mold can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months depending on the complexity of the project. Of course if you are in a time crunch we can discuss fast tracking your project.

How much will my project cost?

Each project is a custom experience that is taylored to your needs. We are confident in our ability to be competitive especially when you consider the savings of working with someone in the United States.

Can I get a prototype?

Some of our prototypes have ranged from 4×4 camp trailers to simple vehicle light housings. We have multiple 3D printers and believe in prototyping everything before we begin cutting a mold.

Can Phoenix Inventors help me sell my products?

In special cases we may offer you an opportunity to work with our marketing team to build your online presence. Which includes truly understanding what your customer needs and building that into your selling platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Web, Facebook and Instagram. Depending on your product category we may also be able to assist with getting your product into retailers and distribution channels.

Can I visit in person?

Absolutely! We would enjoy having you visit and tour our facility. Please work with your sales person or engineer to schedule a time to visit. You can call us at (435) 673-0777

Client Testimonials

“We have been doing business with Phoenix Inventors for several years. They recently designed and built a very challenging mold for our Sling-Wheel outdoor recreational toy. The mold works great and we are now in production at their facility. A great company that is owned and operated by individuals with great integrity! I would recommend their services to anyone looking to launch a new product or redesign an old one.”

Martin Tilley

“Phoenix Inventors are true professionals. They have the expertise and experience to go from concept to reality bringing great ideas to life. They have proven again and again a commitment to getting the product right and fully functional without compromise.”

Tony Nethercott

“I spent 3 years trying to turn my invention into reality. China wanted enrealistic opening orders and I was afraid they would steal my idea. I finally came across Inventors as a referral from a friend. They took me and my invention under their wing and made it possible for me to help fly anglers around the world to enjoy a more organized and simple fly fishing pack.”

Trevor M.

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